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14 Must-Try Employee Team-Building Ideas For Every Office

Employee Team-Building Ideas

In today’s fast-paced work environment, fostering a strong team dynamic is more important than ever. But how do you turn a group of diverse individuals into a cohesive team? The answer might be simpler (and more fun) than you think. From escape rooms to cooking classes, we’re diving into 14 employee team-building ideas that not only bring your team closer but also inject a healthy dose of fun into the workplace. 

Fun Employee Team-Building Ideas

Here are fun activities for employees that can help bring any team closer together:

1/ Cook-Off Competition 

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas | Image: Piedmont Exedra

Host a cooking competition where teams have to prepare a dish with a set of ingredients. It’s a delicious way to foster creativity and cooperation.

  • Preparation: Select a simple theme or cuisine for the cook-off. Provide all necessary ingredients and kitchen tools.
  • Tip: Make sure to consider any dietary restrictions. Encourage creativity in presentations to make the competition more fun.

2/ DIY Workshop

Arrange a workshop where employees can learn a new skill or craft, such as pottery or painting. It encourages creativity and offers a relaxing break from work.

  • Preparation: Choose a workshop that’s accessible for beginners and interesting for more experienced participants. Ensure you have all the necessary materials.
  • Tip: Invite a skilled instructor who can make the activity engaging and assist participants as needed.

3/ Sports Day

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas | Image: Goto Events

Have a day filled with various sports activities like tug-of-war, relay races, or soccer. It’s perfect for building team spirit and healthy competition.

  • Preparation: Select a variety of sports and games that cater to different physical abilities. Ensure you have all the equipment and a suitable location.
  • Tip: Focus on team-based activities to promote collaboration. Consider adding fun twists to traditional games to keep things interesting.

4/ Board Game Tournament 

Set up a variety of board games and have a tournament. It’s a low-stress way to encourage strategic thinking and teamwork.

  • Preparation: Select a range of board games that vary in genre and complexity. Make sure there are enough games to keep everyone engaged.
  • Tip: Include some cooperative board games in the mix to foster teamwork in addition to competitive games.

5/ Themed Office Party 

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas | Image: Istock

Throw a themed party where everyone can dress up and participate in themed activities. Themes could range from the ’80s, superheroes to a masquerade ball. 

  • Preparation: Decide on a theme that’s exciting and allows for easy participation. Decorate the office and plan activities that fit the theme.
  • Tip: Encourage everyone to get involved in the planning and setup. You could also have a costume contest or themed quizzes to make it more engaging.

6/ Outdoor Adventure 

Plan an outdoor activity like hiking, rafting, or a ropes course. It’s a great way to build trust and enjoy nature together.

  • Preparation: Choose an activity that matches the team’s fitness level and interests. Ensure safety by checking equipment and possibly hiring guides.
  • Tip: Encourage everyone to support each other, especially in challenging activities, to strengthen trust and team bonds.

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Indoor Employee Team-Building Ideas

1/ Murder Mystery Party

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas. Image: Maitri Path to Wellness

Dive into a suspenseful murder mystery party where dressing up and role-playing by team members enhances problem-solving in a thrilling narrative setting.

  • Preparation: Choose a murder mystery kit that suits your team size and interest. Assign characters in advance so participants can get into their roles.
  • Tip: Encourage participants to dress up as their characters and really get into the role-playing aspect for a more immersive experience.

2/ Puzzle Challenge

Engage in a mind-bending puzzle challenge, where teams race against time and negotiate for missing pieces, fostering collaboration and strategic thinking.

  • Preparation: Gather several large, complex jigsaw puzzles. Set up tables for teams to work on their puzzles within a set time limit.
  • Tip: To increase the challenge, mix up a few pieces from different puzzles and have teams negotiate to get their correct pieces back.

3/ “Shark Tank” Style Innovation Contest

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas | Image: Virginia Tech News

Unleash creativity and innovation in a “Shark Tank” style contest.

  • Preparation: Invite team members to pitch new product ideas or solutions to existing company challenges in front of a panel of “sharks” (selected company leaders).
  • Tip: Foster a supportive environment for sharing innovative ideas. Offer constructive feedback and possibly implement the winning ideas in the company.

4/ Professional Development Book Club

Cultivate a culture of continuous learning and open dialogue with a professional development book club.

  • Preparation: Select a book that is relevant to your industry or beneficial for professional development. Schedule regular meetings to discuss chapters and key takeaways.
  • Tip: Encourage open discussion and application of the book’s concepts to your work environment to enhance learning and team cohesion.

Fun Office Games To Boost Morale

Here are fun employee team-building ideas designed to boost morale, encourage teamwork, and inject a little joy into the workday:

1/ Guess the Baby Photo

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas | Image: Working Moms Against Guilt

Have everyone bring in a baby photo of themselves and guess who is who. It’s a sweet way to learn more about each other and share laughs over cute photos.

  • Preparation: Display the photos on a bulletin board or digitally through a shared screen without revealing the identities.
  • Tip: Turn the reveal into a fun event where each person shares a funny or memorable story from their childhood as their photo is revealed.

2/ Potluck Lunch

Organize a potluck with everyone bringing a dish to share. It’s a great opportunity for team members to bond over food and share stories, fostering a sense of community.

  • Preparation: Ensure there are options for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions.
  • Tip: Encourage people to bring dishes that are special or meaningful to them, perhaps something from their cultural background, and share the story behind what they brought.

3/ Lip Sync Battle

employee team building ideas
Employee Team-Building Ideas | Image: Track45

Employees can form teams or perform solo, choosing a song to lip-sync to in front of the office. It’s a hilarious way to break the ice and see a different side of coworkers.

  • Preparation: Have a sign-up sheet for participants to choose their songs in advance to avoid duplicates and prepare their performances.
  • Tip: Consider having a panel of “judges” to add to the fun by providing humorous feedback or letting the audience vote for their favourite performance.


Incorporating fun and engaging employee team-building ideas into the workplace is a fantastic way to boost morale, enhance communication, and foster a strong, cohesive team spirit. 

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What are the 5 C’s of team building?

The 5 C’s of Team Building: Communication, Collaboration, Commitment, Conflict Resolution, and Creativity.

What are the 4 main types of team building?

Communication and Problem Solving: Activities designed to enhance teamwork through better communication and creative problem-solving.
Trust Building: Exercises aimed at increasing trust and dependability among team members.
Adaptability and Planning: Challenges that encourage flexibility and strategic planning in changing environments.
Decision-making: These activities help teams develop their decision-making skills and learn how to work together to make effective choices.

Ref: Vatage Circle


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