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Top 20 Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer 2024

Men's Wedding Wear In Summer

Looking for the perfect men’s wedding wear in summer? This blog post is your go-to guide for men’s wedding wear in the summer, offering tips and inspiration to ensure you’re both comfortable and stylish for any summertime nuptial event.

Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer

Casual Summer Wedding Attire

For a casual summer wedding, the goal is to look stylish yet remain comfortable in the warmer weather. Here are men’s summer wedding guest outfits that strike the perfect balance:

1/ Linen Shirt and Trousers 

men's wedding wear in the summer
Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer | Image: Hockerty

A breathable, lightweight linen shirt paired with matching linen trousers offers a relaxed yet put-together look. Choose light colours like white, beige, or pastels to keep cool.

2/ Cotton Polo and Chinos 

A high-quality cotton polo shirt paired with chinos is a smart-casual combo. Opt for soft, summery colours to keep the look light and seasonal.

3/ Short-Sleeve Button-Down and Shorts 

men's wedding wear in the summer

A fitted short-sleeve button-down shirt with tailored shorts can be appropriate for a very casual beach, or outdoor wedding. Go for light fabrics and colours.

4/ Seersucker Suit 

A seersucker suit is perfect for adding texture and staying cool at a casual summer wedding. Its classic stripes offer a playful yet traditional look.

5/ Guayabera Shirt and Dress Pants 

men's wedding wear in the summer
Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer | Image: Labour Union Clothing

The Guayabera, a traditional Latin American shirt, is both elegant and ideal for hot climates. Pair with lightweight dress pants for a cultural and cool outfit.

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Formal Summer Wedding Attire

1/ Lightweight Wool Suit

A suit made from lightweight wool in a light colour such as light grey or navy can offer both elegance and comfort in warmer temperatures.

2/ Silk Blend Three-Piece Suit

men's wedding wear in the summer
Image: Lookastic

A three-piece suit in a silk blend is not only luxurious but also lighter and cooler, ideal for summer formality.

3/ Classic Black Suit

A classic black suit in a summer-weight fabric offers a timeless look. Pair with a crisp white shirt for contrast.

4/ Formal Linen Suit

men's wedding wear in the summer
Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer | Image: Etsy

Choose a high-quality linen suit in a dark colour like charcoal or navy for a formal look that breathes well in the heat.

5/ White Tuxedo Jacket

A white tuxedo jacket paired with black dress pants is a bold and stylish choice for a formal summer wedding, perfect for evening events.

6/ Midnight Blue Tuxedo

men's wedding wear in the summer
Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer | Image: Pinterest

A midnight blue tuxedo stands out with its deep, rich colour, offering a modern twist on traditional formal attire suitable for summer nights.

Beach Weddings – Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer

1/ Silk Blend Shirt with Linen Trousers

A silk blend shirt offers a slight sheen for a dressier look, paired with linen trousers for breathability.

2/ Pastel-Colored Suit

men's wedding wear in the summer
Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer | Image: Pinterest

Light pastels like mint green, soft pink, or baby blue can stand out gently against the beach backdrop while keeping the look formal.

3/ Navy Linen Blazer with White Pants

For a nautical vibe, a navy blazer over a light shirt, paired with white pants, strikes a formal yet thematic balance.

4/ Rolled-Up Sleeves and Dress Shorts

men's wedding wear in the summer
Image: Etsy

In very casual beach weddings, a long-sleeve shirt with rolled-up sleeves paired with smart dress shorts can be appropriate and stylish.

5/ Barefoot with Accessories

Going barefoot is often embraced at beach weddings. Complement the look with accessories like a Panama hat, stylish sunglasses, and a linen pocket square to maintain a formal edge.

Garden/Outdoor Weddings

For garden or outdoor weddings, men’s wedding wear in summer should complement the natural beauty and semi-formal setting, offering both comfort and style.

1/ Chambray Shirt and Khaki Pants

A chambray shirt paired with khaki pants offers a casual yet neat look suitable for a laid-back outdoor wedding.

2/ Pastel or Earth-Tone Waistcoat Ensemble

men's wedding wear in the summer
Image: Etsy

A waistcoat in a pastel or earth tone over a crisp white shirt, paired with matching trousers, strikes a balance between formal and casual.

3/ Softly Patterned Suit

A suit with a soft floral or botanical pattern can blend beautifully with a garden setting, making a stylish statement.

4/ Brogues and Loafers

men's wedding wear in the summer
Image: Trendstyled

Footwear is essential in outdoor settings. Choose brogues or loafers that complement your outfit, keeping in mind the potential for soft ground.

City/Urban Venue Weddings

1/ Slim-Fit Tuxedo

For a formal urban wedding, a slim-fit tuxedo sharpens your appearance, aligning with the sleek city aesthetics.

2/ Three-Piece Suit

Adding a vest to your ensemble elevates your look, making it more formal and suitable for upscale city venues.

3/ Monochrome Look

men's wedding wear in the summer
Image: The Trend Spotter

A monochrome outfit, such as a grey shirt with a grey suit, offers a contemporary style that matches the urban setting.

4/ White Dinner Jacket

For a chic, standout look, pair a white dinner jacket with black trousers, which is ideal for sophisticated city weddings in the evening.

Tips For Choosing Men’s Wedding Wear In Summer

Here are some essential tips to help you select the perfect summer wedding attire:

Prioritize Breathable Fabrics

Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton, seersucker, or lightweight wool. These materials help regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable in the heat.

Go for Lighter Colors

Lighter colours not only reflect the sun’s rays better than dark colours, helping you stay cool, but they also fit the summer vibe. Consider whites, pastels, or light shades of blue, grey, and beige.

Choose the Right Footwear

Consider breathable leather shoes for formal settings or stylish loafers for a more casual look. For beach weddings, appropriate sandals could be a comfortable choice. Ensure your footwear is comfortable for standing and dancing.

Stay Sun-Smart

For outdoor weddings, consider wearing a hat and applying sunscreen to protect against sunburn. A stylish hat can complement your look while offering practical sun protection.

Comfort is Key

Above all, ensure your outfit is comfortable. Summer weddings often involve being outdoors for extended periods. Choose an outfit that allows you to enjoy the celebration without worrying about the heat.

Final Thoughts

Selecting men’s wedding wear for a summer celebration is all about finding the perfect balance between comfort, style, and suitability for the occasion.

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What should men wear at a summer wedding?

A linen suit, cotton blazer with chinos, or a seersucker suit are all great choices.

What is the best dress code for a wedding in summer?

The best dress code for a summer wedding is usually “smart casual” or “semi-formal”.

Can men wear shorts to a wedding?

Men can wear shorts to a wedding if it’s a very casual or beach setting and explicitly stated in the dress code.

Ref: Vogue | Men’s Health


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