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18+ Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Big Day

The wedding day is a milestone of a long journey with your soulmate, but it does not have to become your pressure on finances. With planning and creativity, you can make wedding decorations feel luxurious on a budget. Then, let’s explore the top 19+ cheap wedding decoration ideas in this article.

How can I make my cheap wedding decor look expensive?

The elements that create a sense of grandeur and elegance are not expensive items. Creating a gorgeous and luxurious atmosphere through strategic choices would make your inexpensive wedding look fancy without overspending. Here are some tips to achieve that outstanding look on a budget.

1/ Luxurious Color Palette: Choosing an elegant color scheme is one of the best ways to give your wedding a luxurious appearance. Choose vivid, rich colors like emerald green, royal blue, or deep burgundy. You may quickly improve the venue’s atmosphere by incorporating these opulent hues into every aspect of your décor.

2/ An Eye-Catching Focal Point: If you want to create a big impression without breaking the bank, concentrate on one main feature that will draw in your visitors. An elaborate flower arrangement or a tastefully adorned arch may provide a breathtaking background for your wedding or celebration. 

3/ Invest In Quality Table Setting: Purchasing high-quality linens for table settings may significantly improve the overall presentation. Seek sophisticated napkins and tablecloths with a muted color scheme.

4/ Lighting Sets The Mood: When remodeling any area, lighting is a key component. To produce a romantic and opulent environment, use various lighting fixtures. You may add an air of luxury to your wedding with uplighting, candles, and string lights. Also, to give your event a unique touch, you could consider incorporating projector lights to make monograms or unique patterns.

5/ Utilize Natural Elements: Nature can provide you with a multitude of beautiful things. Incorporate greenery, such as eucalyptus leaves or ferns, into your floral arrangements to add a lush and luxurious feel. Additionally, potted plants can serve as captivating centerpieces that double as wedding favors for your guests.

6/ Minimalistic Decor: Less is more. It is possible to project refinement and elegance with a minimalist style that features straight lines and straightforward décor. Don’t overdo the décor in your room.

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas. Image: Pinterest

7/ Potted Plant Centerpieces: It is one of the best cheap wedding decoration ideas that help to maintain wedding costs within budget. Succulents, Herbs, and Air plants in glass, terracotta, or wooden boxes can add a touch of whimsy to your décor. 

8/ Wildflower for Bouquets: Cheap wedding decoration ideas with local and seasonal flowers, including Baby breath, Wildflowers are beautiful and sweet enough to create a modern and exquisite look. 

9/  Glass Bud Vases: Don’t forget to put a glass bud vase with a single fresh flower or a few stems at the top list of cheap wedding decoration ideas. You also can use glass bud vases to float small candles or tea lights in water for a romantic and tranquil ambiance. 

10/ Go Green: Fresh flowers often cost more money compared to greenery like eucalyptus, vines, ferns, or garlands. These can be draped over an arch, gazebo, table centerpieces, or suspended frame to add a natural and romantic touch to your vows.

11/ Cheap wedding decoration ideas for the aisle and pathway can go with glass bud vases filled with flowers, greenery, or petals, float small candles, or tea lights in the water, making your wedding venue look super classic and antique.

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas. Image: Unsplash

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How can I save money when decorating my wedding?

These cheap vintage wedding decoration ideas below would help you out with struggling with financial pressure.

12/ Plan and prioritize: Starting event planning soon could help you manage the flow of processes and problems, which makes your ceremony smoother. In addition, the more time you spend researching your decor, the better deals you have. Focus on the main point is also an important part, which will provide the illusion of grandeur without going over budget. 

13/ Reuse or Passing: The items are affordable with high prices and could be passed after use. For example, besides projecting elegance, neutral hues let you sell high-quality linens later on or utilize them for other occasions. 

14/ Rent Decor: Think about renting rather than buying pricey décor items like furniture, specialized linens, or ornamental pieces. Costs can be greatly lowered by renting, particularly if you just plan to use the things once. There are a lot of rental firms that provide a lot of possibilities, so you may choose things that exactly match your style.

15/ DIY (Do-it-yourself) Decorations: To cut costs on decorations, use your imagination and take on a do-it-yourself project. Construct your photo booth or use supplies from craft stores to make your centerpieces. For unusual and reasonably priced décor pieces like antique frames, vases, or candlesticks, flea markets, and charity stores may be veritable gold mines.

Image: Pinterest

16/ Prioritize the Most Important Elements: When allocating your budget, prioritize the elements that will have the most impact. The venue, food, and entertainment are typically the most memorable aspects of a wedding, so invest your money in these areas. By focusing on these key elements, you can still create an upscale event, even if you need to cut back on other aspects like extravagant decorations.

17/ Entertainment: Instead of renting a live band to play in the ceremony from start to end, it would be better to add some games or activities in your event management to create memorable stories. That is not only helping them to save costs but also keeping an impression on guests.

18/ Hire a Wedding Planner: It seems like hiring a planner would cost a lot of money. However, it takes time to research and make decisions, which is sometimes more costly because of lack of experience. Meanwhile, a wedding planner can help you make fast, informed decisions and save money in the long run. 

Lastly, you may make your wedding seem opulent by implementing these cheap wedding decoration ideas. To ensure that you and your guests have an unforgettable experience, don’t worry about how much money you spend—rather, focus on the small details and memorable touches while managing your event. Your wedding might appear lavish without going over budget if you prioritize what is important and keep your priorities straight.

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas. Image: Unsplash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Keeps the Bride Price?

Bride prices are customs observed in various cultures in which the groom or his family pays the bride’s family gifts or money as a sign of respect and to show the bride’s family that the groom can sustain her. Modern customs, however, frequently refund the bride price to the couple or utilize it to help pay for the wedding’s costs.

What should be the most expensive thing in a wedding?

The most expensive part of a wedding might change depending on priorities, cultural customs, and personal preferences. Nonetheless, there are a few standard components that often come with a hefty price tag for weddings, such as:
Venue: A significant amount of the budget frequently goes for the venue selection. The wedding’s atmosphere and ambiance are determined by the venue’s setting and design.
Catering: It may be expensive to feed your guests, especially if you choose to have a huge guest list and high-cost caterers. 
Photography and Videography: Expert videographers and photographers record the moments of your unique day. Investing in high-caliber experts is essential to keeping these memories intact.
Wedding Attire: Because the bride’s dress and the groom’s clothing are crucial to establish the right mood and aesthetic for the wedding, they can be rather costly.
Entertainment: Whether it’s a DJ, live band, or other artists, selecting entertainment for your guests is essential for making their time enjoyable and unforgettable.



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