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17+ Stunning Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas

Imagine a garden wedding with a blend of antiques, aesthetics, florals, and fairy lights. Hosting a wedding in a garden is a dream of almost all brides who are inclined to a classic fairytale wedding with their prince. So, how to make your outdoor wedding look impressive and incredible? Here are 17 stunning garden wedding decoration ideas that will turn your big day into a secret garden. 

Themed Wedding Colour Goes for Pastel Palette

Common Pastel colours such as blush pink, dusty blue, lilac, mint, sage green, and pale yellow are one of the most fitted colours for backyard weddings. This adds a dreamy tapestry of love and sophistication to your big event. 

Image: Pinterest

Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas with Hangings

If you want to make your wedding full of rustic charm and whimsy, decorate trees and archways with dreamcatchers, chandeliers, or vintage lace curtains that sway in the breeze. For a bohemian vibe, consider macramé hangings, while vintage birdcages and lanterns can infuse an antique charm. 

Image: Pinterest

Use Flowers for Your Wedding Altar

The floral altar is one of the most classic garden wedding decoration ideas, but the beauty secret lies in the flexibility in mixing and matching different types of flowers. From roses to peonies, wildflowers to succulents, the possibilities are as diverse as your love story. 

Go for Garlands

Sometimes, replacing the floral altar with greenery arches with lush vines, garlands, palm fronds, eucalyptus, wood, lavender, and other natural elements can make your wedding look different, especially for those who love a calming and tranquil atmosphere. 

A Wooden Welcome Sign

A wooden welcome sign can be the perfect addition to create a rustic and inviting atmosphere for a garden wedding. Its earthy tones and textures blend seamlessly with the lush greenery, creating a harmonious backdrop for your celebration.

A Wooden Welcome Sign. Image: Pinterest


Wedding Aisle Decor

Decorating the wedding aisle is an irreplaceable step because the moment you walk down the aisle is one of the most important parts of your Big Day. Clean and minimal, opt for simple accents with white and neutral tones are among the best garden wedding decoration ideas. Tossing flower petals, placing some mason jars, or using ribbons, bows,  and tree branches are all great ideas. 

Wedding Aisle Decor – Image: Pinterest

Serve-yourself Drinks

Arrange a beverage station, where your guest can enjoy different tastes of drinks based on their preferences. Make some signature cocktails, some alcohol like gin, rum, whiskey, and wines, so guests can serve themself freely. Welcome cocktails look extra chic on your garden wedding decor.

Long Banquet Tables 

It will be a mistake if you don’t consider having long banquet tables in your list of garden wedding decoration ideas. This is a signature outdoor wedding in the backyard. Guests will have the chance to dine while enjoying the picturesque surroundings, whether it’s lush greenery, vibrant flowers, or a stunning sunset.

Long Banquet Tables – Image: Pinterest

Illuminate With a Sky of String Lights

In the top list of garden wedding decoration ideas, string lights always come first as the main element for creating a romantic ambiance. Have fairy lights cascading overhead, or wrapping bare trees in glowing coils of fairy lights for creating a frozen wonderland.

Potted Flowerless Plants as a Centrepiece

Floral petals are not the only way to make your wedding table starry. Try some fresh and creative garden wedding decoration ideas like potted flowerless plants that can add uniqueness to your ceremony. These botanical beauties can be adorned with decorative elements like stones, moss, or small ornaments to enhance the visual appeal.

Potted Flowerless Plants as a Centrepiece – Image: Pinterest

Vintage French-style Settee

Don’t forget to set up a comfortable lounge for guests to engage in conversations, relax, or enjoy the festivities with Vintage French-style Settee. Adorn it with lace, florals, or personalised cushions to make it uniquely yours. Another great idea is to transform it into a photo booth prop for your guests to take memorable pictures and capture the magic of your day.

Elegant Lanterns and Pillar Candles

Garden wedding decoration ideas from lanterns and pillar candles are needed to illuminate your wedding day. They are all elegant decor items that can be used in different settings, from garden paths, wedding aisles, tree branches, and table centrepieces. The soft, flickering light creates an inviting and cosy environment for your guests. Consider Moroccan-inspired lanterns, contemporary geometric designs, or antique lanterns for a vintage touch while managing your big life event.

Elegant Lanterns and Pillar Candles – Image: Pinterest

Candy Truck 

A traditional indoor candy bar can be replaced by an outdoor food truck of sweets that can be highly Instagram-worthy. Mini donuts, warm cookies, or flavoured popcorn can be a hit with guests as they continue to celebrate. The colourful candy and dessert mix with the freshness of nature surrounding make your wedding a feast for the eyes. 

Have Your Pet Accompany

Including your beloved pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, in your garden wedding sounds perfectly great. Your furry friend looks adorable with a collar, bowtie, or flower crown, making your wedding more meaningful. Make sure their fur is clean and well-groomed, and their nails are trimmed.

Rent a Tent as a Plan B

We all hope for a wedding under the bright sunshine and clear sky, but sometimes, we have to look at reality. Renting a tent can be a wise decision to ensure your wedding day is still a success regardless of the weather. With a tent, you have a blank canvas to design and decorate according to your wedding theme. You can hang lights, flowers, and drapes, creating a beautiful and intimate space.

Rent a Tent as plan B – Image: Pinterest

A Couple of Old Doors for Wedding Entrance

Need more garden wedding decoration ideas? Using a couple of old doors for your wedding entrance is a charming and creative way to add a rustic and vintage touch to your celebration. Consider adding string lights, candles, lanterns, flowers, and greener to the doors to create a warm, rustic, and romantic ambience.

Giant Jenga and Lawn Games

How to make your wedding more fun and lovely? Place a Giant Jenga or lawn games can be a great garden wedding decoration idea. Giant Jenga is not just a decor item for a photo booth but also a game to play in the ceremony and dinner party. 

Giant Jenga and Lawn Games – Image: Pinterest

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a garden for a wedding?

If you want to transform your backyard into a wedding venue, make sure your garden should be in a sunny spot with good drainage. It should also be large enough to accommodate your guests and the ceremony and reception areas.  

How to decorate an outdoor wedding aisle?

Simple yet aesthetic wedding aisle can be created from hurricane lanterns, tree stumps, flower petals, Vintage rugs, wine barrels, and more. They are all amazing garden wedding decoration ideas that people commonly utilise. 

What is the best motif for a garden wedding?

Garden wedding style typically is a blend of natural elements like flowers, garlands, lush, palm grass, and natural elements with rustic elements like candles, lanterns, string lights, and mason jars.

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