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Ultimate Collection: 20+ Christmas Party Games For Large Groups 

Christmas is almost here! It’s the best time of the year, and it’s all about being with people you care about. Whether you’re having a work party, a family gathering, or just hanging out with friends, we’ve got some fun and simple Christmas party games for large groups that will make everyone happy. You won’t be bored this holiday season – you’ll have a fantastic and joyful time!

Office Christmas Party Games For Large Groups

Here are office Christmas party games for large groups, along with simple instructions on how to play:

1/ Secret Santa Gift Exchange

How to Play: Have everyone draw a name to determine their Secret Santa recipient. Set a spending limit for gifts. On the party day, exchange the gifts while keeping the giver a secret until the gift is opened.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange – Image: Pinterest

2/ White Elephant Gift Exchange

How to Play: Each person brings a wrapped gift, and participants take turns choosing or stealing gifts from others. There are usually rules about how many times a gift can be stolen.

3/ Christmas Charades

How to Play: Write down various Christmas-related phrases or actions on cards. Have players act them out without using words, and teams must guess what’s being depicted.

Christmas Charades – Image: Pinterest

4/ Christmas Bingo

How to Play: Create bingo cards with Christmas-themed images or words. Provide small prizes for winners. Call out items, and players mark their cards accordingly.

Christmas Bingo – Image: Pinterest

5/ Guess the Christmas Song

How to Play: Play a few seconds of a Christmas music quiz, and participants try to guess the song title. Keep score, and award a prize to the person or team with the most correct guesses.

6/ Christmas Pictionary

How to Play: Similar to regular Pictionary, but with Christmas-themed words or phrases. Split into teams, and have one person draw while the others guess.

7/ Office Decorating Contest

How to Play: Encourage teams to decorate their workspaces with a Christmas theme. Appoint judges to select the best-decorated area and award a prize.

Office Decorating Contest – Image: Pinterest

Fun Christmas Games For Large Groups

Here are fun Christmas party games for large groups:

1/ Christmas Carol Karaoke

How to Play: Gather everyone for a karaoke session featuring popular Christmas songs. Create teams or have individuals sing their favorite festive tunes. You can even have judges or simply enjoy the music.

2/ Christmas Relay Race

How to Play: Set up an indoor or outdoor obstacle course with a Christmas twist for your event. Include activities like hopping on one foot with a Santa hat, racing while holding a wrapped gift, or balancing a ball (representing Rudolph’s nose) on a spoon.

3/ Christmas Photo Booth

How to Play: Create a festive photo booth area with props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and holiday signs. Encourage your guests to take fun photos to capture the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Photo Booth – Image: Pinterest

How to Play: Provide plain sugar cookies and an array of colorful icing and toppings. Challenge your guests to decorate their own cookies. Have judges or let everyone vote for their favorite creations.

5/ Gift Wrap Relay

How to Play: Set up a relay race where teams compete to wrap a gift with oversized gloves or mittens. The catch is that they have to unwrap it, too! The fastest team wins.

6/ Christmas Costume Contest

How to Play: Have a dress-up competition where everyone comes in their most creative Christmas costumes. Appoint judges to pick winners in categories like “Best Dressed” or “Most Festive.”

Christmas Costume Contest – Image: Pinterest

7/ Musical Chairs with a Twist

How to Play: Play musical chairs but use Santa hats instead of chairs. Remove one hat in each round, and participants must find a hat to sit on when the music stops.

8/ Gingerbread House Decorating Contest:

How to Play: Provide gingerbread house kits, frosting, and various candies for decoration. Teams or individuals compete to create the most impressive gingerbread house. Judges can award prizes for the best-decorated houses.

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Easy Christmas Games For Large Groups

Here are easy Christmas party games for large groups:

1/ Holiday Memory Challenge:

How to Play: Arrange a table with various Christmas-themed items like ornaments, candy canes, and small decorations. Give participants one minute to memorize the items. Then, cover the table and ask them to write down as many items as they can remember. The person or team with the most correct items wins.

2/ Snowman Building Contest

How to Play: Provide each team with supplies like paper, tape, and craft materials. Challenge them to create the best snowman within a time limit. Encourage creativity and have judges select the winning snowman based on style and design.

Snowman Building Contest – Image: Pinterest

3/ Christmas Story Mad Libs

How to Play: Create a Christmas-themed mad libs story with blanks for nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Ask participants to fill in the blanks without seeing the full story. Once all the blanks are filled, read the hilariously wacky Christmas story out loud.

4/ Ugly Sweater Contest

How to Play: Invite your guests to wear their ugliest, most creative Christmas sweaters. Hold a contest and have judges select winners based on the most unique, funny, or hideous sweater designs.

Christmas Party Games For Women’s Groups

Here are Christmas party games for large groups of women:

1/ Christmas Jewelry Craft:

How to Play: Provide supplies like beads, strings, and charms for making Christmas-themed jewelry like bracelets and necklaces. Participants can create their own festive jewelry items to take home.

Christmas Jewelry Craft – Image: Pinterest

2/ Wine and Paint Ornaments:

How to Play: Set up a “paint and sip” session where participants enjoy some wine while painting Christmas ornaments. Provide ornaments, paint, and brushes, and let everyone unleash their artistic skills.

How to Play: Provide plain sugar cookies, colorful icing, and a variety of toppings like sprinkles, candies, and edible glitter. Participants can decorate cookies, and judges or fellow attendees can select the winners based on creativity.

Cookie Decorating Contest – Image: Pinterest

Final Thoughts

Organizing events such as Christmas party games for large groups adds joy and laughter to your celebrations. To boost fun and engagement, try AhaSlides – a convenient platform for interactive activities in your event management. So, gather your loved ones, embrace the holiday spirit, and let the merriment begin with these delightful Christmas games!

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What are the Christmas activities for the work team?

Christmas activities for the work team are Secret Santa Gift Exchange, decorating the office, and Guess the Christmas Song.

How do you make Christmas vibes?

To create Christmas vibes, decorate your space with colorful lights and ornaments. Play festive music and watch holiday movies. Don’t forget to share the warmth by spending time with loved ones and giving to those in need.

How do you make Christmas exciting for adults?

Plan a themed party, play adult-friendly games, and offer creative cocktails and delicious food.

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