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40 Christmas Party Games To Unwrap The Fun

Looking for Christmas party games? Ready to add some extra fun to your holiday get-togethers? It’s the time to be cheerful and enjoy! Whether you’re hosting a family celebration, a gathering of friends, a kids’ Christmas party, or any event in your life, we’ve got your festive fun covered. Let’s jump into a list of 40 lively Christmas party games that will get everyone in the holiday mood!

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Top 11 Christmas Party Games:

Here are Xmas Christmas games for you:

1/ Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of holiday-themed items and have guests search for them around the house or in the yard.

2/ Santa’s Hat Ring Toss:

This is one of the best Christmas party games for large groups. Set up a ring toss game using Santa hats, and see who can toss the rings onto the hats.

3/ Christmas Bingo:

Make bingo cards with Christmas-related items and have a blast marking them off as they’re called out.

4/ Snowball Toss:

Use fake snowballs (or crumpled paper) and have a toss-off to see who can make the most “snowball” shots.

5/ Christmas Carol Charades:

Act out holiday song titles without speaking and let others guess the tunes.

6/ Ornament Decorating Contest:

Provide plain ornaments and let everyone’s creativity shine as they decorate their festive ornaments.

7/ Gift Wrapping Relay:

Split into teams and race to see who can wrap a gift the fastest and most beautifully.

8/ Holiday Memory Game:

Place Christmas-themed items on a tray, let people see them, then cover and see who remembers the most.

9/ Candy Cane Hunt:

Hide candy canes around the house or yard, and let the little ones search for them.

10/ Guess the Christmas Movie:

Play a short clip from a Christmas movie and challenge guests to guess which movie it’s from.

11/ Christmas Limbo:

Set up a limbo stick (or a string) and have a fun game of limbo with a holiday twist, playing festive music in the background.

Adult Christmas Party Games

1/ White Elephant Gift Exchange:

Guests bring wrapped, anonymous gifts, and everyone takes turns picking or stealing a gift.

2/ Christmas Movie Trivia:

Test everyone’s knowledge of holiday movies with a trivia game, asking questions about popular films.

Christmas Movie Trivia. Image: Pinterest

3/ Ugly Sweater Contest:

Encourage guests to wear their most outrageous, festive, or ugly Christmas sweaters and have a contest.

4/ Holiday Karaoke:

Set up a karaoke machine and let guests belt out their favorite Christmas tunes for some laughter and fun.

5/ Jingle Bell Toss:

Create a ring toss game using jingle bells and challenge guests to see who can ring the most bells.

6/ Naughty or Nice Game:

Have guests share a funny or embarrassing story, and let others vote if it’s “naughty” or “nice.”

7/ Holiday Photo Booth:

Set up a photo booth area with props and a festive backdrop, encouraging guests to take memorable photos.

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Christmas Party Games For Work

1/ Gift Exchange Game:

Organize a gift exchange where employees bring in a small, wrapped gift within a budget. They can either draw names or use a white elephant-style exchange.

2/ Cookie Decorating Challenge:

Provide plain cookies and various toppings for employees to decorate. They can get creative and have a mini competition for the best-decorated cookie.

3/ Santa’s Hat Relay Race:

Arrange a relay race where teams pass a Santa hat down the line using only their heads. The first team to successfully pass the hat wins.

Image: Unsplash

4/ Office Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of Christmas-themed items within the office or workspace, and have employees find and collect them within a time limit.

5/ Christmas Bingo:

Play a game of bingo using holiday-themed cards. Employees can mark off the squares as the announcer calls out different Christmas-related items.

Indoor Christmas Party Games

1/ Gingerbread House Decorating:

Provide gingerbread house kits and let everyone decorate their own gingerbread houses, then display and judge them.

2/ Ornament Guessing Game:

Fill a jar with a variety of ornaments and have guests guess the number of ornaments in the jar for a chance to win a prize.

3/ Stocking Guessing Game:

Fill a stocking with various small items, and let guests feel and guess what’s inside without peeking.

4/ Snowman Building Contest:

Provide materials like white paper, glue, and scissors, and let teams create their own paper snowmen. The most creative one wins!

Snowman Building Contest

5/ Christmas Carol Pictionary:

Play a game of Pictionary with a holiday twist. Participants draw and guess Christmas carols without using words.

Kindergarten Christmas Party Games

1/ Christmas Sing-Along:

Have a sing-along with popular Christmas songs, and encourage the children to join in and sing along.

2/ Decorate the Christmas Tree:

Cut out paper ornaments and let the children color and decorate them. Then, create a large paper Christmas tree on the wall and have them “hang” their ornaments on it using tape.

3/ Santa’s Sack Toss:

Set up a game where the children toss small beanbags or softballs into a “Santa’s sack” (a hula hoop or large bucket) from a distance.

Kindergarten Christmas Party Games

4/ Christmas Storytime:

Read a holiday-themed story or book to the children, engaging them with colorful pictures and asking questions about the story.

5/ Santa Says:

Play a game similar to Simon Says, but use “Santa Says” instead. For example, “Santa says touch your nose” – the children should only do it if “Santa” says the command.

6/ Pin the Nose on the Snowman:

Draw a snowman without a nose on a large poster board. Blindfold the child and have them try to pin a carrot-shaped cutout (the “nose”) in the correct spot.

7/ Christmas Freeze Dance:

Play music and let the children dance around. The music stops, and the kids are frozen in a moment in time.

Virtual Christmas Party Games

1/ Santa’s Trivia Challenge:

Test your holiday knowledge with Christmas-themed trivia questions. Use chat or a quiz platform to answer, and the person with the most correct answers wins!

2/ Ugly Sweater Contest:

Showcase your ugliest Christmas sweater during the virtual call. Everyone votes on the “ugliest” sweater, and the winner receives a virtual prize or a mailed holiday card.

Virtual Christmas Party Games

3/ Christmas Charades:

Act out holiday words or phrases without speaking and let others guess what they are.

4/ Holiday Cooking or Baking Showdown:

Prepare a festive dish or treat during the call, following a recipe. Everyone votes on the most creative or best-looking creation.

5/ Christmas Storytelling Contest:

Share a short, funny, heartwarming, or fictional Christmas story. Each person takes a turn, and everyone votes for their favorite.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a festive gathering with engaging Christmas party games brings joy and merriment to the holiday season. To elevate the fun in event management, consider incorporating AhaSlides, an interactive tool that adds an extra layer of excitement, making your Christmas gathering unforgettable for all involved. Let the games begin, and may the holiday spirit fill your hearts with cheer!

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What kind of games to play at Christmas party?

Play festive games like Christmas trivia, charades, gift exchange, scavenger hunt, bingo, and snowman-building contest to make your Christmas party lively and enjoyable.

How do you play dirty Christmas?

“Dirty Christmas” usually refers to a playful gift exchange game where participants can “steal” gifts. Each person can either choose a new gift or take someone else’s already chosen gift.

How do you play the Christmas kiss game?

In the Christmas kiss game, participants stand in a circle. Someone in the middle calls out two people to meet at the center and share a friendly peck on the cheek or a quick hug. It’s a fun icebreaker activity!

How do you play steal a gift?

Participants bring wrapped gifts. Numbers are drawn to determine the order. The first person chooses and unwraps a gift. The following players can either steal that gift or choose a new one. A gift can only be stolen a set number of times.

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