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Green Wedding Themes | +23 Ideas For Couples Embracing the Great Outdoors

If you adore different shades of green and want your wedding to be all about this beautiful color, you’re in the right place! This blog post is packed with the best ideas for green wedding themes. Whether you like calm sage, luxurious emerald, or the classic green and white combo, we’ve got you covered with lots of creative suggestions.

Green Wedding Themes – Image: Pinterest

Best Ideas For Green Wedding Themes

1/ Garden Romance:

  • Invitations: Incorporate floral motifs and green hues in your invitations.
  • Decor: Opt for a garden ceremony with lush flower arrangements and greenery.
  • Food: Feature a farm-to-table menu with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Green Wedding Themes

2/ Woodland Whimsy:

  • Invitations: Use rustic paper and forest-inspired graphics on your invites.
  • Decor: Incorporate moss, wooden signage, and fairy lights for a whimsical forest atmosphere.
  • Food: Serve a hearty woodland-inspired menu with mushroom dishes and roasted root vegetables.
Woodland Whimsy

3/ Tropical Paradise:

  • Invitations: Use vibrant tropical colors and floral prints in your invites.
  • Decor: Adorn tables with tropical flowers, palm leaves, and bright tableware.
  • Food: Offer a menu featuring tropical fruits, seafood, and exotic cocktails.
Tropical Paradise

4/ Mint to Be:

  • Invitations: Opt for mint green invitations with white or silver accents.
  • Decor: Use mint green linens, pastel flower arrangements, and vintage teacups.
  • Food: Feature a mint-themed dessert bar with mint chocolate chip cookies and pastel macarons.
Mint wedding theme

5/ Sustainable Green:

  • Invitations: Use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks for your invites.
  • Decor: Choose decor made from reclaimed materials, potted plants, and sustainable linens.
  • Food: Offer a farm-to-table, organic menu with vegetarian and vegan options.
Sustainable Green

6/ Irish-Inspired:

  • Invitations: Feature Celtic knots and symbols on your invitations.
  • Decor: Incorporate Irish flags, clovers, and Irish music and dance performances.
  • Food: Serve traditional Irish cuisine like shepherd’s pie and soda bread.
Irish-Inspired wedding cake

7/ Vintage Garden Party:

  • Invitations: Choose vintage-style invites with floral patterns and muted green colors.
  • Decor: Use antique lace tablecloths, teacups, and vintage-inspired signage.
  • Food: Serve a classic tea party menu with sandwiches, scones, and an assortment of teas.
Vintage Garden Wedding

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Sage Green Wedding Themes

8/ Sage and Grey Modern Minimalism:

  • Choose a modern, minimalist aesthetic with sage green and light grey as the primary colors.
  • Dress the bridal party in sage green and grey attire for a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Keep the invitations simple with clean lines and sage and grey color blocks.
  • Serve a modern and minimalist menu with small, artfully presented dishes.

9/ Sage and Lavender Serenity:

  • Combine sage green with lavender for a soothing color palette. Use lavender sprigs and sage green linens.
  • Dress your bridesmaids in lavender gowns and incorporate sage accents in their accessories.
  • Use a combination of sage and lavender colors in your invitations with a watercolor design.
  • Feature lavender-infused desserts and a menu with herbs and lavender as key ingredients.
  • Give lavender sachets or sage-scented candles as wedding favors.

Emerald Green Wedding Themes

10/ Emerald Elegance:

  • Use emerald green as the primary color for a luxurious and elegant theme.
  • Incorporate emerald-colored bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and table settings.
  • Choose gold accents in decor and accessories for a regal touch.

11/ Emerald and Ivory Classic:

  • Combine emerald green with ivory for a timeless and sophisticated wedding theme.
  • Opt for ivory wedding attire and emerald accents in bouquets and decor.
  • Use crystal chandeliers and candlelight for a classic ambiance.

12/ Vintage Emerald Charm:

  • Decor: Create a vintage-inspired theme with emerald green and antique decor.
  • Incorporate vintage emerald jewelry and accessories for the bridal party.
  • Use lace and emerald green table settings to evoke a bygone era.
Emerald Green Wedding Themes

Olive Green Wedding Themes

13/ Rustic Olive Grove:

  • Embrace the earthy charm of olive green for a rustic wedding theme.
  • Decorate with olive branches, wooden elements, and burlap accents.
  • Create a relaxed, countryside atmosphere with natural and understated decor.

14/ Elegant Olive and Gold:

  • Combine olive green with gold for an elegant and timeless wedding theme.
  • Incorporate olive green bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, and floral arrangements.
  • Use gold accents in decor and accessories for a touch of luxury.

15/ Mediterranean-Inspired Olive:

  • Infuse your event with the flavors of the Mediterranean using olive green as the central color.
  • Incorporate olive oil tastings, Mediterranean cuisine, and fresh herbs into your menu.
  • Decorate with olive branches, terracotta pottery, and azure blue accents for a Mediterranean feel.
Olive Green Wedding Themes

Black Green Wedding

16/ Gothic Romance in Black and Green:

  • Create a darkly romantic atmosphere with a combination of black and deep green.
  • Incorporate dark florals, such as deep green succulents and black calla lilies, in your bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Choose dramatic and elegant attire for the wedding party, including black gowns and suits.

17/ Art Deco Black and Green Glamour:

  • Infuse your wedding with the glitz and glamour of the Art Deco era using black and green.
  • Incorporate elements like black and green geometric patterns and luxurious details.
  • Choose attire with Art Deco-inspired silhouettes and accessories for a vintage Hollywood look.
Black Green Wedding

Green And White Wedding Themes

18/ Beachy Green and White Paradise:

  • Transform your wedding into a beachy paradise with a green and white color scheme.
  • Decorate with white linens, seashells, and green tropical flowers.
  • Opt for a beachfront or coastal venue to enhance the relaxed and beach-inspired ambiance.

19/ Classic Green and White Elegance:

  • Create a timeless and elegant atmosphere by using green and white as the primary colors.
  • Decorate with white linens and green floral arrangements, incorporating white roses, lilies, and greenery.
  • Opt for classic and formal attire for the wedding party to complement the sophisticated look.
Green And White Wedding Themes

Green And Gold Wedding Themes

20/ Gatsby-Inspired Green and Gold Soiree:

  • Infuse your wedding with the glitz and glam of the Roaring Twenties using green and gold.
  • Decorate with green and gold sequined decor, and vintage accessories.
  • Encourage guests to embrace the era’s fashion with flapper-style attire and accessories.

21/ Botanical Greenhouse Extravaganza:

  • Combine green and gold for a lush and opulent botanical wedding theme.
  • Decorate with green foliage, hanging terrariums, and golden accents.
  • Opt for a greenhouse venue to create a lavish, garden-inspired atmosphere.
Green And Gold Wedding Themes

Purple And Green Wedding Themes

22/ Lavender Fields Forever:

  • Embrace the soothing combination of lavender and green for a romantic and calming wedding theme.
  • Decorate with lavender-hued flowers, greenery, and rustic elements for a countryside ambiance.
  • Opt for soft lavender bridesmaid dresses and incorporate lavender-scented details in your decor.

23/ Boho Chic in Purple and Green:

  • Create a bohemian atmosphere with purple and green elements and eclectic decor.
  • Incorporate dreamcatchers, mismatched purple and green bridesmaid dresses, and a variety of greenery.
  • Choose relaxed and free-spirited attire for the wedding party, and consider a laid-back, outdoor setting.
Purple And Green Wedding Themes

Final Thoughts 

Hope the 23 ideas for the green wedding themes in this blog post help you in managing your event impressively and plan your dream wedding – one of your biggest life events. Make your celebration even more enjoyable by including fun games and activities with AhaSlides. As using this tool in your event management, you can add interactive elements and engagement to your wedding, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

More tips and advice about events? Pick an event that you’re concerned with, and we’ll give you a helping hand!


What does a green theme mean for a wedding?

A “green theme” for a wedding means using green as the central color or motif in the wedding’s decor, attire, and overall design.

What colors go best with green for a wedding?

Colors that go best with green for a wedding include white, gold, silver, blush, navy, and even shades of purple or pink.

Why is green so attractive?

Green is attractive because it symbolizes nature, growth, and renewal. It’s calming and harmonious, making it a popular choice for weddings.

Can the bride wear green?

Yes, a bride can wear green if it fits her personal style and wedding theme.



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