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18 Must-Play Games For Engagement Parties

Games For Engagement Parties

Looking for ideas for engagement party games? Engagement parties are a perfect opportunity to break the ice among guests who might be meeting for the first time when it comes to celebrating the happy couple before the big day. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 18 games for engagement parties that are perfect for guaranteeing a night filled with entertainment and joy for everyone.

Best Games For Engagement Parties

Here are ten great engagement party activities. These engagement party activity ideas are designed to be inclusive, fun, and suitable for a range of ages and interests:

1/ Couple’s Trivia: 

Prepare a list of questions about the couple’s relationship, likes, dislikes, and other fun facts. Guests can guess the answers, and whoever knows the couple best wins.

2/ Two Truths and a Lie (Couple Edition): 

The couple shares three stories about their relationship – two truths and one lie. Guests then guess which story is the lie. It’s a great way to share fun and interesting anecdotes.

games for engagement parties | two truths and a lie
Games For Engagement Parties. Image: Etsy

3/ Ring Hunt: 

Hide plastic or candy rings around the party area before guests arrive. Whoever finds the most rings by the end of the party wins a small prize.

4/ Memory Lane: 

Guests write down their favourite memories with one or both members of the couple. The couple reads them aloud, and everyone tries to guess who wrote each memory.

5/ The Shoe Game: 

games for engagement parties
Games For Engagement Parties. Image: Davidiam Photography

The couple sits back-to-back, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s. They answer questions about their relationship (like “Who is more likely to forget an anniversary?”) by raising the shoe that corresponds to their answer. It’s hilarious to see how often they agree or disagree

6/ Engagement Bingo: 

Create bingo cards filled with common phrases or actions that might happen during the party (like “Someone talks about the wedding dress” or “A guest asks about the honeymoon plans”). The first guest to complete a bingo gets a reward.

7/ Love Story Mad Libs: 

games for engagement parties
Games For Engagement Parties. Image: Blue Sky Paper

Prepare a Mad Libs-style story about the couple’s relationship, leaving blanks for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Guests fill in the blanks, and then the couple reads the story aloud. The results are often wildly funny.

8/ Guess the Guest: 

Each guest writes down a little-known fact about themselves on a piece of paper. These facts are mixed in a bowl and then read aloud one by one. Everyone tries to guess who the fact belongs to.

9/ Picture Match: 

Display childhood photos of the couple and some of their guests. Everyone tries to match the photos with the adult, including figuring out which photos are of the bride and groom.

10/ Karaoke Love Songs:

games for engagement parties
Games For Engagement Parties. Image: Freepik

Set up a karaoke machine and challenge guests to perform their best love songs. The couple can judge the performances, or everyone can vote on their favourite singer.

Fun Games For Engagement Parties

Here are fun engagement party games specifically designed to add a spark of joy.

1/ Love Song Lip Sync Battle: 

Host a lip sync battle where guests can perform their favourite love songs. Add a twist by having the couple judge the performances or let the audience vote for their favorite act.

2/ Proposal Pictionary: 

games for engagement parties
Games For Engagement Parties.

Play a game of Pictionary where all the prompts are related to love, weddings, or the couple’s relationship. Divide guests into teams and let the fun begin as they try to guess each drawing.

3/ Wedding Themed Charades: 

Similar to traditional charades but with a twist – every prompt is related to weddings or romance (like “cutting the cake,” “first dance,” or “going on a honeymoon”). It’s a fun way to get everyone moving and laughing.

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4/ Find the Guest: 

games for engagement parties
Image: New Orleans Magazine

This is a great icebreaker where guests receive a list of statements like “Find someone who has known the couple for more than 10 years” or “Find someone who also loves hiking”. It encourages guests to mingle and learn fun facts about each other.

5/ Love Quotes Match: 

Print out famous love quotes or lyrics from love songs and cut them in half. Mix them up and distribute them to guests as they arrive. Throughout the party, guests need to find the person holding the matching half of their quote, encouraging mingling and conversation.

Hilarious Games For Engagement Parties

1/ Mimic the Proposal: 

Guests are divided into pairs and given a random assortment of props. Each pair has to recreate how they imagine the proposal happened, with over-the-top dramatizations encouraged. The couple gets to pick the funniest reenactment.

2/ Wedding Vow Mad Libs: 

games for engagement parties
Image: For Every Hen

Provide guests with Mad Libs-style wedding vows. Guests fill in the blanks with the funniest words they can think of. Have the couple read the vows aloud for a good laugh.

3/ Dress the Bride/Groom: 

Teams compete to create the best wedding outfit for the bride or groom using only toilet paper and tape. Set a timer, and when it goes off, the bride or groom gets to judge which team created the best look. 

Bottom Line 

Adding games for engagement parties is a fantastic way to break the ice, encourage guest interaction, and ensure everyone has a memorable time. So, choose In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 18 games for engagement parties that are perfect for guaranteeing a night filled with entertainment and joy for everyone. that resonate with your party’s vibe and watch as they bring waves of laughter to the special occasion.

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How do you make an engagement party fun?

Games: Icebreakers, couple’s trivia, lawn games.
Photo booth: Props, backdrops for silly pics.
Live music/DJ: Sets the mood and gets people dancing.

What do people usually do at engagement parties?

Toast to the couple’s future happiness.
Share stories and memories about the couple.
Enjoy food, drinks, and cake while mingling with other guests.

What to make at the engagement party?

Finger foods: Easy to grab and mingle, cater to diverse tastes.
Signature cocktails: Personalized drinks add a special touch.
Dessert bar: Mini cakes, cookies, or a fun DIY station.

Ref: Brides | Greenvelope


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